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Vrikshadan Abhiyan 

Green growth to make Pune cooler!

During the Nature Conservation Month, our green journey commenced with the launch of the Vrikshadan Abhiyan in Pune. This unique initiative focuses on creating a cooler and more eco-friendly city by significantly increasing the green cover.

Vrikshadan Abhiyan is a unique drive where smartly designed ‘Free Tree Malls’ (distribution points) are spread across different places in the city, from where interested citizens can collect Native tree saplings to be planted in the area of their choice. 

Additionally, the Vrikshadan Abhiyan includes a seed collection drive, which will generate more saplings for further distribution. This integrated approach seeks to enhance Pune's environment and, in turn, reduce pollution levels.

Together, we are making Pune cooler, greener, and more sustainable, one tree at a time.

Vrikshadan Abhiyaan Logo
The Fat Labrodor Cafe
Image by Muneeb Syed

 Let's together give lungs to our city!

‘पेड़ लगाओ पर्यावरण बचाओ!’

To date, we have donated over two lakh saplings encompassing 37 varieties of native trees. Soon, these places will evolve into the green lungs of our nation.

TEFF is unwaveringly committed to promoting awareness of sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles and solutions. Every day marks a fresh start for us. Our mission finds fulfilment when we connect with new individuals and propagate awareness regarding sustainable living and solutions.

‘धर्म मूलमर्थ’ (The foundation of sustainability is righteousness.)

Tree Plantation
Tree Plantation
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